WoW Free Review – Free WoW Offer

A few months ago, a guild mate mentioned a website named that offered a means of earning free World of Warcraft 60-Day time cards. Intrigued, I headed over to their website in an effort to learn more. This is what I found out.

Okay so what is The website main theme is focused on simple methods and exclusive offers that allow readers to play World of Warcraft free. Some are sponsored programs some are just little known ways to earn money, directed at students and unemployed gamers.

The first time I visited WoW Free, they were featuring a free membership to a program that rewarded members free 60-Day WoW time cards. The membership sounded interesting so I joined.

Joining was easy. They program only requires minimal demographic information and a valid email (an email created a gmail for specifically this purpose). After looking over the website I learned that you will be completing free offers that earn you money. Once you reach the $30 mark you can either cash out or claim rewards. One of which is a 60-day WoW time card.

Upon membership my account was credited with a new member bonus of $5. I was directed to the free offers which included filling out surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and participating in product panels. Since I had only a limited amount of time, I decided to fill out the surveys provided and view the emails.
The surveys that I choose averaged $2.00 per survey. I completed about 10 in 30 minutes. Soon I got bored and decided to head to my email and see what they had sent for me to review. The program had sent me three emails. I opened each read them over and followed the links within. These were all related to medical products and where of little interest to me. Once complete I headed back to my account to see that $6.00 (3×2) had been credited to me. The whole process took me approximately 50 minutes and had earned me $31.00. Enough for me to claim my time card.

Unbelievably, It really was simple. Although they claim that you can get Free Wow in a few minutes. I was able to get a free 60-Day World of Warcraft time card in less than an hour. If you are like me and want away to play WoW for free, then you might want to give a try.

Let the Fires Come – Quest Guide

World Event – Hallow’s End

Requires: Level 1
Type: Daily


You must help us! The Headless Horseman will attack the village at any moment! Fires will be everywhere! The children aren’t safe!

Please, <name>, will you face the fires of the Headless Horseman? When he comes, you must join the fire brigade. Grab a bucket and toss it on the fires, or pass it to a friend who’s closer to the blaze. If you put out all the fires then we may yet be saved!



You will receive: 9 gold 40 silver (or 16 gold 54 silver if completed at level 85)


Azuremyst Isle
Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
Alterac Valley
Arathi Basin
Stormwind City
Dustwallow Marsh
Scarlet Monastery

Extreme WoW Guide Notes:

This is a seasonal quest and is only available during the Hallow’s End World Event.

Ok so the point of this quest is fighting fires that the Headless horseman creates on the buildings in town. You fight the fire by throwing water with provided fire buckets on the flames.

There are four fire sizes from small to large. The small ones only require 2-3 buckets, the larger ones will take up to 12. Unattended fires spark additional fires and the affected area begins to spread.

You need several people to complete this quest. The most effect way to fight the fire is to create a bucket birgade. That is when you form a line and pass the bucket down the line towards the fire. To pass the bucket aim at your target and throw the bucket at them. If you are unable to throw the bucket, they most likely already have a bucket equipted.

As you near completing the quest, the Headless Horseman will begin to shoot flames down on participants of the fire birgade. The damage is low for higher level players, but dangerous for lower levels.

Once the fires are out, the Headless Horseman will land and attack quest goers. Killing him shouldn’t be hard for most groups. He will give a clue about continuing the quest in the Scarlet Monastery as his head is dislodged. Loot the head for the Smash the Pumpkin quest.

Pro Tips:

  • Eat the seasonal pumpkins for a 12% speed bonus
  • If you have a magic broom use it to move without cast time
  • Fires are static and appear in the same spots
  • Extinguish the big fires first, they are the ones that spread the fastest
  • Use organization.